Monday, June 23, 2014

Layered Blocks

I pinned 'Stacked Squares' from Kitchen Table Quilting awhile ago and have been playing with ideas for using the design and incorporating black and white pictures into it.  The squares are large, and I had this baby laid out on the living room floor several times trying to get a nice layered/stacked look.  Even when I got the one I liked, I messed up in the sewing together bit and had to lay them out yet again X2 ;)  Not wanting to mess up the great layered look, I added the black and white pictures to the top as a border, but now I don't like it, so I've tucked it away while I contemplate what to do... either remove the pictures all together and use them in another project, or add them into the body of the quilt, at an angle.  The 'finished top' is hanging sideways on the line, it's too long and was dragging on the grass.

Black And Whites


Finished Top

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