Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue Cows

The top of the Blue Cows bed runner is finished.  Some of the blocks gave me fits trying to 'fit' them in, which I took as a lesson learned and will try harder to NOT change my mind as I sew.  It all came together in the end and I love it!  The actual quilting part and binding will have to wait until I'm back in Nova Scotia, but it should be ready in time for Christmas.  Blue Cows under my daughter's tree :)  I hope she's not reading along...

The last blocks, some 12 inch, 10 inch and 6 inch.  There was a lot of re organizing going on because the block sizes in the BOM I started with were all different and I wanted a bed runner instead of a sampler quilt, which I should have planned out BEFORE starting.  Except for the Tumbling Blocks, these blocks weren't part of the BOM.  I got the patterns off Blocks Galore.

Blue Chains

Amish Diamond

Antique Tile

Broken Arrows

Children's Delight

Crazy Spool

 The Tumbling Blocks is a large block ... 18 1/2" by a little more than and is the one block that kept standing out more than I wanted.  I almost didn't include it, but I really like it so hummed and hawed and finally got it positioned where I could live with it.
Tumbling Blocks

Liberate (2 sewn together)
 The finished top almost enjoying some sunshine in the garden.  I love it, even the Tumbling blocks :)  Worth every second of agro.
Blue Cows

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