Friday, June 27, 2014

Penny's Purple Quilt

Finished the top this morning, the backing and binding will be the same print as the outer border.  The lettering is a bit wonky (one N is definitely bigger than the rest of the letters, but kind of suits a 5 year old  :)  This was a fun project and gave me lots of practice working with half square triangles.  The wind wasn't cooperating very well this morning, but I managed one decent picture :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My oldest sort of/almost/kind of hinted at a 'keep warm at the games' quilt in the colors of my grandson's baseball team so, off to Midsomer Quilting I went.  I wandered around the rooms, touching fabric and trying to take in the shelves and shelves and shelves, while gathering various shades of red and black.  I got asked twice about my 'accent' which always makes me chuckle, because I don't have one ;)
Back home with my stash,  I wasn't the least bit annoyed that 'footie' was on.  The FIFA World Cup is all about quilting time for me :)
I went with a Broken Herring Bone design, following a tutorial at Play Crafts.  A little confusing because she is left handed and the visuals threw me a bit, but I got 'er done.


Red Strips
The first cut is always the hardest.  Once it's done, it's done and the rest follows :)

Black Strips

Moorass approved paired strips


Monday, June 23, 2014

Layered Blocks

I pinned 'Stacked Squares' from Kitchen Table Quilting awhile ago and have been playing with ideas for using the design and incorporating black and white pictures into it.  The squares are large, and I had this baby laid out on the living room floor several times trying to get a nice layered/stacked look.  Even when I got the one I liked, I messed up in the sewing together bit and had to lay them out yet again X2 ;)  Not wanting to mess up the great layered look, I added the black and white pictures to the top as a border, but now I don't like it, so I've tucked it away while I contemplate what to do... either remove the pictures all together and use them in another project, or add them into the body of the quilt, at an angle.  The 'finished top' is hanging sideways on the line, it's too long and was dragging on the grass.

Black And Whites


Finished Top

Monday, June 16, 2014

Penny's Purple Quilt

My grand daughter turns 5 in August, so I'm making her a small quilt to drag around.  Something she can use in the yard to play on or in the car to cover her lap on road trips.  I love the idea of quilts being used, I think it gives them character and creates memories, hopefully good ones :)

I'm following a pattern in May's Popular Patchwork magazine, Spring Song by Sue Cooke of Cookes Quilting Supplies, and using some pieces from a Fat Quarters bundle I purchased at

Yesterday, while D was out on a call I cut the squares and pieced the main part of the top together.  I'm really liking this one. :)

Fat Quarters

Cut Squares

Half Square Triangles Squares marked and pinned



Finished :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Red Car Quilt

The backing/binding material and batting arrived on Wednesday so I was able to finish my 'Red Car Quilt', named because it will be residing in a red car, not because it has red cars in it :)  It's actually a British themed sampler, made with a mixture of 12 inch blocks from Craftsy BOM 2012 and my iPad Block Fab app.  I changed the layout a bit, something wasn't looking right to me in the first one. It's the perfect size for a picnic blanket, or just keeping warm when on long road trips.  I slacked on the quilting, partly because there were some blocks I didn't want lines thru (mainly the Scottie Dog and the Sail Boat) and partly because I haven't finished the Craftsy Free Motion course yet, I'm hoping to be a little more proficient with quilting on future projects.  But, until then, I'll stick with some straight line quilting, some of those aren't so straight ;)

Finished Back

Finished Front

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Red Car Blocks

The last five squares for my Red Car Quilt :)  I've got it laid out on the floor trying to decide how to put it together.

Ohio Star

Double Star

Card Trick

Sail Boat

Scottie Dog


Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Car Quilt Update 2

I still have a lot to learn about posting pictures here, but I'm getting there.  I lost the last two the first update post, after first having to add/remove the pictures several times to get them in the right order... so rather than try to fix the post again, I just decided to add the last two in a new post.  :)

I've opted not to do some of the blocks, Hexagons, Dresden Plates and Drunkards Paths are just too much work without having the proper templates, which I don't have at the moment.  And I'm not sure about the paper piecing, I'll see where my mind set is when I finish the stars.

Back to half square triangles and squares for these two, simple cutting and sewing so the blocks go  together quickly.
Greek Cross


Red Car Quilt Update

I'm loving the 12 inch blocks!  They are coming together nicely with the only downside being my fabric is quickly disappearing... well, that's not really a downside, as it means the quilt might actually get finished :)

The first two were the 'cut and slash'  Astrix and Wonky Pound Sign (I posted  them earlier in the week).

The next two were the Balkan Puzzle, which I also posted earlier in the week and the Chunky Chevron made with half square triangles, which should be called half square triangle squares...
Chunky Chevron
 The next two are string Foundation blocks, a bit of a waste of fabric, especially on the first one, but they look great when finished.  I really like the Broken Spider Web :)
Foundation String

Broken Spider Web
 The next two are Log Cabins with a twist.  To be honest, I'm a little too straight and narrow for improv sewing so my blocks aren't as wonky as they perhaps were meant to be.  I DID manage to get one or two wider pieces in the first one, but my center square is still more or less center when it should have been quite a bit off center :)  My 5 sided Log Cabin really isn't, but I still like it lots :)
Wonky Log Cabin

5 Sided Log Cabin

Beautify Your Blog

On Wednesday, while reading  blogs I clicked my way through to 'Stay At Home Mummy' and got stuck into Erin Davis' 'Beautfy Your Blog' tutorials.  The series is well into it's 9th  week, but I decided to jump in anyway and finished the first four weeks yesterday.  Lots of great tips and easy to follow directions, including 'start a Test Blog' :)  I've already seen what happens when you don't ;)  If you are reading and want to learn some of the ins and outs of decorating your Blogger blog, then visit Erin's blog.    Well worth the time and a nice blog too boot.  Off to work my way thru a couple more weeks.  But first, I'll update my Red Car Quilt :)

Sew at Home Mummy

Monday, June 2, 2014

Red Car Quilt

I'm following another Craftsy BOM, this one is from 2012 and is another freebie on the Craftsy site.  All of the blocks are supposed to be 12" when finished.  We shall see, I seem to fail in the 'finished size is' department more often than not :)

I'm using a Fat Quarter bundle of British prints, but I know  there won't be enough so will add to it as I go.  Or make the quilt smaller... The red backing/binding material is ordered and should arrive this week.  This one will be quilted and finished on this side of the pond, as it's meant to be kept in D's red car, to toss on the ground for picnics or beach sitting or to keep warm on long car trips.

 The bundle laid out, with some solids thrown in.

The first three blocks done...
I cringed when I saw the first block was an astrix.  I had so much trouble with the ones I did for Pile o Fabric's 2014 BOM, but the larger size made this one come together nicely.  The centre is still bulky, but manageable

Balkan Puzzle 

Wonky Pound Sign

Blue Cows

The top of the Blue Cows bed runner is finished.  Some of the blocks gave me fits trying to 'fit' them in, which I took as a lesson learned and will try harder to NOT change my mind as I sew.  It all came together in the end and I love it!  The actual quilting part and binding will have to wait until I'm back in Nova Scotia, but it should be ready in time for Christmas.  Blue Cows under my daughter's tree :)  I hope she's not reading along...

The last blocks, some 12 inch, 10 inch and 6 inch.  There was a lot of re organizing going on because the block sizes in the BOM I started with were all different and I wanted a bed runner instead of a sampler quilt, which I should have planned out BEFORE starting.  Except for the Tumbling Blocks, these blocks weren't part of the BOM.  I got the patterns off Blocks Galore.

Blue Chains

Amish Diamond

Antique Tile

Broken Arrows

Children's Delight

Crazy Spool

 The Tumbling Blocks is a large block ... 18 1/2" by a little more than and is the one block that kept standing out more than I wanted.  I almost didn't include it, but I really like it so hummed and hawed and finally got it positioned where I could live with it.
Tumbling Blocks

Liberate (2 sewn together)
 The finished top almost enjoying some sunshine in the garden.  I love it, even the Tumbling blocks :)  Worth every second of agro.
Blue Cows