Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two Finished Projects

It's been a stellar weekend on this side of the pond!  Warm, sunny and full of sewing, it just doesn't get better :)  The windows have been open, the sun streaming in, the birds singing and flitting in and out of the garden hedge and my Janome humming along.  I finished two projects, one that had been waiting for the backing and binding material to arrive and the other was in the planning stages, also waiting for the 'right' material.  Both arrived last week :)  I love online shopping!  Getting those parcels in the mail is wonderful!

The chocolate material was perfect for the bed runner.

My 505 Spray is running low.  I think another online order is in the future, and of course, I can't just get one item, I have to at least buy enough to get the free shipping ;)  I also need batting...

And the finished project.

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