Sunday, May 18, 2014

Project Two

Project #2 is another Craft Magazine 'I'd like to do'.  I now have two paper magazines.Popular Patchwork and Love Patchwork & Quilting and I won't buy anymore until I've done at least three projects from each!  Well, maybe just two... so far, I've done  2 from Popular Patchwork...

The instructions for this one were a little scant, I had some difficulty with sewing the triangles onto the diamonds.  I was sure I had read a tip  somewhere on one of the many blogs , or maybe I watched a video, again, one of many... anyway, getting the triangles to fit the diamond edge meant having it overhang either end by about 1/8".  I of course wasn't perfect on them, but they came together and they'll look great on the patio chairs.

The blocks are put together in quarters first.  Not something new I'm sure ;)

I purchased the blue for the border and backing at Rose Crafts in Midsomer Norton, my LQS, which isn't terribly local for me as I don't drive on this side of the pond and the walk, first down the hill and then along the cycle path is about two and a half hours, return.  Luckily, D took me ;)

And the finished project.  Just waiting for the padding and then they'll be good to go.  I don't want them too full, just a little more comfortable.

Two Finished Projects

It's been a stellar weekend on this side of the pond!  Warm, sunny and full of sewing, it just doesn't get better :)  The windows have been open, the sun streaming in, the birds singing and flitting in and out of the garden hedge and my Janome humming along.  I finished two projects, one that had been waiting for the backing and binding material to arrive and the other was in the planning stages, also waiting for the 'right' material.  Both arrived last week :)  I love online shopping!  Getting those parcels in the mail is wonderful!

The chocolate material was perfect for the bed runner.

My 505 Spray is running low.  I think another online order is in the future, and of course, I can't just get one item, I have to at least buy enough to get the free shipping ;)  I also need batting...

And the finished project.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Block #4 of Blue Cows

A rainy, windy Saturday morning was a good time to finish Block #4 of my Blue Cows project.  It's really 4 identical Fans sewn together with an appliqued center.  The center made me frown a few times and in the end I just sewed it in place and will redo it when I sort out a better way to do it.  Fusing to a 1/4 inch of fabric didn't work so well, definitely no room for error ;)
All in all, I'm pleased with the block, at 17" square, it's one of four big ones.

Ready to sew those curves...

Fan section...

Finished block

Friday, May 9, 2014

Blue Cows

I clicked my way thru to a free mini class on Craftsy,  BOM 2013 and decided the project was a good chance to use a couple of pieces of material I purchased over 20 years ago when my oldest daughter was going thru a 'cow craze'.  The blue cows material was left over from a pair of shorts I made her... I must have had something else in mind at the time because there was over a miter of fabric left over.   The cows and blue material made it thru a flood clean up and storage and arrived at my house via my ex a couple of summers ago and have since lived in my basement.  Three weeks before my trip across the pond, while looking for a set of crochet hooks I thought might be in one of the boxes I found the material.  Why I packed it is anyone's guess.  A meant to be perhaps... My plan is to have a piece of the cow fabric in every block of the Sampler quilt...  So far, I have the first three block sets done and I'm loving the colors!

Blue Cows Palette

Craftsy BOM 2013 Sampler

Block #1  x4 Offset Log Cabin

Block #2 x3 Spring Bloom

Block #3 x1 Economy

Friday, May 2, 2014

6 Blocks Done

I finished the FMQ on all but one of the 6 For The Love of Sewing blocks.  I changed from the dark thread and forgot to go back to the 'Stitches' block :)

Chevron Star and Churn Dash

Scrap Jar

Pin Cushion

First 6 Blocks

1st Friday of May

A grey, blah start to the day today, sorting out 30 minutes with Nature should be interesting.  Standing under the apple tree maybe ;)  More likely I'll be watching nature from my sewing machine.

Bank Holiday weekend on this side of the Pond... not sure why :)  According to my Magical Weather App, Sat=Sunny  Sun=Cloudy  Mon=Rather Cloudy ;)

My goal for today is to FMQ another 'For The Love of Sewing' blocks.  Maybe all three of the ones remaining then I can read May's block directions.  I'm feeling confident I'll be caught up this month :)  Then I'll start nosing around for other BOMs

My Book Club read for May is 'A Week in Winter' by Maeve Binchy, I've read the preview but haven't tucked into the book yet.

Enjoy what your Friday brings!  Be kind to one another, stay safe and share those smiles :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I finally took FMQ by the horns and finished the first two blocks of For The Love of Sewing.  It did get a little less stressful as I went. The battle between the 'creative' me and the 'a place for everything and everything in it's place' me was a struggle.  But they are DONE!  The numbers on the ruler are missing... I tried 3 times (that's a lot of picked out threads) but I couldn't get a result I was happy with.  At some point I might applique some on.  I do like the feel of both blocks! :)

The Ruler and Threads, front and back... no 'pebble' stitching, I just couldn't get the circles...