Friday, April 25, 2014

Block Fab

The first 6 Block Fab blocks, 7x7 (or nearest to) in a green palette.

Block #1 7-Grid Chain

Block #2 Anvil

Block #3 Arkansas Star

Block # 4 Attic Windows

Block #5 Bear's Paw

Block #6 Bear's Paws

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For The Love of Sewing

Two more 'For The Love of Sewing' Blocks done :)

Block #5 Scrap Jar

Block #6 Pin Cushion

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Block Fab - HD

BlockFab - HD is a neat little Apple App that has a Library of Blocks.  You can calculate material needed per whatever size block you want to make and each block is broken down into pieces with a quick explanation on how to cut the pieces.

Being new to quilting, my goal is to make each block in the app.  Good practice and in the end I should have a quilt top of various blocks.

BOM 2014 Blocks #1 - 4

Catching Up on Pile o' Fabrics BOM 2014.

My For The Love of Sewing BOMs are almost up to date, in the piecing department at least.  I still haven't gotten any of them quilted.  First, because I didn't have the batting and now because I'm struggling with the free motion quilting.  I'm beginning to think mine will be more lines and less free motion.

Block #1 Ruler

This one went well, just straight piecing.

Block #2 Spools

A couple of off kilter pieces, but hopefully once I quilt it they won't be glaringly obvious.

Block #3 Stitches

This one was a little less fun, especially the asterix.  The bulk in the middle doesn't lay nicely.  My cross stitches aren't the same size either,  I have to work on slowing down a bit ;)  I also had a bit of an incident with the iron.  I left it laying plate down... oops.  A lovely scorched teflon plate to deal with now.  Just let your eyes slide on past any discolored bits.

Block #4 Chevron Star and Churn Dash

These went together nicely.  I realized while doing the Stitch block that I was quickly eating up the material I brought with me from Canada, so made a trip to the LQS (Rose Crafts).  I'll definitely be returning there.

April's block is going slowly.  Partly because I don't have any freezer paper, who would have guessed it would be hard to find in England???  I've ordered some online and it should be here in a couple of days.  I love Amazon :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Sewing Begins...

The Sewing Begins... England side of the pond :)

I'm finally settled enough to start blogging.  Not sure why I feel the need to, but here goes...  This past February, while watching the Olympics and chatting on Facebook, I added Quilting Blogs to my online activity, starting with my niece's blog, A Quarter Inch From the Edge. Thanks to Jenn (she'll always be Jennifer to me),  I've found my newest obsession... Quilting.

I've done a lot of sewing over the years. With four kids, there were always Halloween costumes, play clothes and dresses to be made.  I even made a few simple 12 inch block 'quilts', but no actual quilting went into them, just straight line sewing.

Knowing that I would soon be travelling to the other side of the pond, I refrained from jumping in with both feet and just read, planned, researched, signed up for and generally 'computer obsessed' about quilting.  Fun in it's own right, I might add :)

Now, I'm a week on England's side of the pond,  and the sewing has begun :)  Well, a lot of cutting, piecing and ironing at least.